Pretty much finished packing my models and stuff for the champs in Sventes, Hungary. We fly out from Gatwick on the 03.08.17, looking forward to the trip and the contest. I will try and update from the field if there is wifi otherwise it will be in the evenings from the hotel (over a beer obviously).

Arrived an hour ago, hotel looks good, most of the team already here. Reports that the flying site looks great, will go across in the morning to see and do some test flying.😀
Practice day, Mike Woolner with a nice launch. Very hot by 9.30am with a light breeze. Going to stop flying for now till it cools ?
Russ Peers F1B
Budapest World Cup event today, a little cooler (36c) and quite breezy now. First round 5 minute maxes going a long way has put a few off flying. John Carter maxed but had a long retrieve, Russ dropped but possible time keeper cock up, Mike Woolner had a model hit his whilst in the winding stooge - strapped on new wings and flew it, trim was close but dropped some time. No uk F1c flyers today.
Back to the hotel as I am still recovering from dehydration from yesterday - might join the hotel dog on the cold tiled floor for a cool down .....Thunderstorms forecast tomorrow.
John Carter first to launch and makes the 7 min f/o along with several others, 9 min f/o at 7.30pm
John managed 6th with a nice second flyoff , results below.
Fantastic sunset 
Practice day, Uk F1b and F1c teams out early for a few check flights, slightly cooler with a breeze today. Official practice F1c fuel was used today and seems ok. A few wayward F1c climbs noticed around the field before we left at 9.30am to get back for breakfast. Chris was helping Gary fly the F1h  international and team Carter had a lie in after their busy day yesterday. Opening ceremony tonight at 6pm. 
John Carter and Mike Woolner getting ready for 9 min flyoff - note black beast waiting to pounce..... not required though
Opening ceremony at our hotel tonight. Reports from the Israeli team that they had a massive storm where they are stopping 30km away with huge hailstones and trees blown over. Not arrived here yet but if looks iminant.
11pm the storms here, power cut and lots of lightening
Heavy overnight rain has made the entrance to the field un passable this morning, several cars getting stuck and many tractor related stories being told. Processing has started this morning so there will be a steady flow of teams attending the hotel today.
JC's Merc being dragged off the field (pic pinched from SEN)
6.30am and entrance to the field very tricky, at least 1 car stuck. A lot of people now gathering at the entrance waiting. 
All is not lost their appears to be at least 2 alternative routes onto the field, only 1 suitable for normal cars which was the route we chose along with the Germans and USA and a few others, unfortunatly the uk team were split today into 2 areas of the field - it's that large. Thermals were around from 7am and became very strong by the time we left at 11.30am, cooler today at a very pleasant 28C. Processing continues at the hotel today with us due at 5.30pm. 
So, F1c day tomorrow, we are all as ready as we are going to be so let's hope for a good day ! Hope my report tomorrow evening is positive also.
The trophies on display in the processing room
Happy 75th birthday Mike Woodhouse
Have an XL slab of cake !
F1c results below. Team UK get TEAM BRONZE !!   Everyone very pleased. Ken and Alan flew the 6 min flyoff, but dropped.
F1b day has started but on hold due to visibility issues with trees. Organisers have just announced contest is to be restarted !! All ok from now on, but ridiculously hot. Pete and Mike unfortunately dropped the last round but Russell has maxed ! Split flyoff again at 5pm. Back to the hotel for snack and a bottle of coke.. Russel Peers about to fly 2 nd  flyoff for 8 mins  - 11 flyers - COME ON RUSS.
On hold as the sun is in the timekeepers eyes - wonder whether we can move the sun a bit ? Sat downwind in a field with Ken chatting while we wait.
Stephanchuck wins, Mark 2nd, Makus 3rd. Russ was 11th. Model still out there will collect in the morning at some unearthly hour no dought. - Alan Jack volunteered to fetch the model and reported the 12ft high reeds were a challenge, but model retrieved ok.
Mike Woolner's F1b back at the hotel
Mike Woolner's F1b back at the hotel
11.08.17 F1a day
Started warm, humid and calm. Unfortunately all the uk team dropped Chris breaking a line, John W towing in and John C pinking up an injury which hampered his towing. 29 to fly for 6 minutes at 5pm.
Chris Edges  F1a being retrieved from one of the many ploughed fields
Chris Edges F1a being retrieved from one of the many ploughed fields
Looking back at the flight line in the distance.
Looking back at the flight line in the distance.
A very pleasant walk alongside the river but several models have landed in it during the champs days 
Closing ceremony / banquet / presentations