March 2014

Not legal for F1J but I have recently reworked  a small batch of RC Car Nitro engines for free flight and control line use. The target classes are free flight Classic Power - Dixielander, Creep, Gloworm size ie 1950's F1C and Open models and also the BMFA Power class.


Heres the spec, based around the Kyosho GX12 :-

Twin ball raced
.12 cu in capacity
ABC construction - Hard Anodised Aluminium piston / Brass / Chrome liner
Schnuerle porting
Weight 130g
Flood off nipple (optional)
Nelson glow head conversion
Free flight nose spinner
Free flight 7mm bore venturi and needle valve
Minimalist cylinder head
Modified back plate for radial mount
19,600rpm on apc 7x4 prop, 25% nitro on pressure
I have just sold the first 2 today, so if anyone is interested please get in touch at for details.