2015 events confirmed and listed on this website. UK World cup event Equinox Cup will once again be included this year. 
Results from the 1 st event - London gala added to site, not a bad day weather wise but Watson was the only flyer to fly well and put in a full house, no need for a fly off as the rest of the flyers were way behind.
Results from the 2nd event added - British free flight national championships.
Great to be back on Barkston Heath for 3 days of well organised competition flying, 1 short rain shower on the Sunday but otherwise dry and light winds. F1J was poorly supported this year with neither of the top 2 prior to this event flying.
Brumfly looks to be cancelled unfortunately
The next two events are the French contests over the summer.........
Trying to get the results from the Azay Le Brulé International in Beauvoir France to add to the site. Results from Moncontour international added in - poorly supported with only 3 entries
Got the results from Azay Le Brule International in France - no entries in F1J ! Whats going on this year all events so far have been poorly supported...........
Equinox cup - another poorly supported event - 3 entries
Final event - Midland gala. Adverse weather forecast resulted in yet another poorly supported event with only 1 entry. Simon Dixon tops the table with Peter Watson 2nd.