2016 qualifying events added to website. Ian Kaynes asked to add link into next edition of FFn.


London gala 24.04.16 - A breezy day on Salisbury plain, 5 contestants flew and 4 maxed out. So as not to upset the downwind farmer the organisers elected to have DT flyoffs for all classes. Set your DT for 1min 30 secs and the time to the ground was your time, a penalty for a later DT would be applied. Watson won with 2.12 flying his first power event of 2016, Dixon was 2nd with 2.03, Vaughn 3rd with 1.59 and Chapman 4th with 1.49 - all quite close. The general feeling with the DT flyoffs was that it wasn't ideal but it was ok......sort of. British Nationals next !!



A breezy 3rd day of the 2016 Nationals where a 2 minute max was taking models close to the main road / campsite. Watson flew on rails all day and maxed out comfortably to win whilst Dixon had a dreadful launch on his first flight and much dropped time - settled down for the remaining flights. Paul Chapman didnt complete his flights as he wanted to ensure the model was in one piece ready for the next 2 rounds in France - come on Paul lets see this new 2nd model you have finished I keep hearing about ?! Alan Jack also didn't complete his flights.


Ken Faux reports that 4 flew f1j in the Moncontour event in France last week in very calm but sometimes wet conditions. Sounds like an extended (boozy ?!) lunch may have put Paul Chapman off his routine a tad. Ken 1st, Tom 2nd,  Paul 3rd.
Anyone have results from  Beauvoir the week before ?


Anyone of the top 4 could win this years challenge - last event is on Saturday - Midland gala at North Luffenham


Paul Chapman wins without flying last event ! Midland gala was calm and fine but only 2 flew.